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Want to help us?

Liberty’s Owl, Raptor And Reptile Centre is a charity (Charity Number 1168530) and we rely on donations as well as ticket sales to help us with our work. This includes the rescuing, rehabilitation and releasing of injured or sick birds of prey as well as maintaining the birds that we have at the centre that can not be released.


Many of our birds are rescued after injury, ill health or ill treatment and these birds have been given a permanent home at the centre where they will live out their remaining days in comfort.


Food, facilities and vet fees all cost money and we rely on your help to keep us going, so please consider giving us a donation to help us provide a safe home for these birds.

We are also involved in a number of conservation schemes to help with the conservation of several species of birds in the wild including breeding programs as well as educational programs to help people become aware of the importance of these animals in nature.

There are many options to help us here at liberty's. Click on a donation option below.

injured kestrel rescue liberty's centre
Baby Owls liberty's centre
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