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Our conservation projects

Breeding programmes

Half of the world's raptor populations are in a state of decline. 


Loss of habitats, pollution, climate change and human activity have all played their part in this.


Here at Liberty's, we run a number of successful raptor breeding programmes, supporting some of the most endangered species on the planet.


Breeding programmes are important for the conservation of species and allow us to expand the gene pool to ensure we have enough viable breeding pairs to prevent a species ending up on the brink of extinction.


But breeding programmes are also important to educate the next generation of conservationists who will safeguard the future of these raptors for many years to come.

Baby Vulture Liberty's centre
Baby bird of prey liberty's centre
Vulture egg liberty's centre
White backed vulture liberty's centre

Rescue and rehabilitation

Here at Libertys, we facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wild and injured birds of prey.


We try our hardest to release all the wild birds that are placed under our care, but sometimes due to the severity of their injuries, euthanasia is the only option.

Our falconers are experienced in bird rehabilitation and can apply their expert knowledge to help increase the rate of recovery.

We are not always able to come out to collect a bird, so where possible if you do find an injured bird of prey please bring it to us or to your local vet.

Unfortunetly we only have facilities to care for birds of prey.

If you need help with an injured bird of prey, please call us on 01425 476487

bird of prey hospital Liberty's centre


Wild rescue sparrowhawk liberty's centre
Wild rescued Peregrine falcon liberty's centre

Bees are essential for human life on this planet. Yet they are declining rapidly.


Liberty's are proud to be home to 15 beehives, looked after by our volunteer beekeepers.


Beekeeping helps to strengthen the bee gene pool by adding healthy bees back into the population.

Our beehives are for conservation!

We leave substantial amount of honey for the bees and we do not harm or cull the colony.


However, we do take some honey to sell in our shop to help keep beehives up and running.

Check out our giftshop if you would like a jar of our bee-friendly honey!

Liberty's centre honey
Bee hives at Liberty's centre


The team here at the centre are very passionate about local bird of prey conservation.


We build and put-up various nest boxes for birds of prey species around the local area.


With ever increasing habitat destruction nest boxes are all the more important.


You can help your local wildlife by putting up your very own nest box. If you believe you have the perfect location, you can:

  • Build your own nest box (cater for the specifics to the bird you intend to attract)

  • Buy pre made boxes online

  • keep an eye in our gift shop for our very own built nest boxes.

Nest box liberty's centre
Barn owl box liberty's centre
Barn owl Liberty's centre
Little owl liberty's centre
Baby Barn owls liberty's centre
Barn owl nest box liberty's centre

All donations go towards the charity and helps with the day to day care of our birds as well as all our conservation projects.

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